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By using state of the art technology, STEP Athletics will give each athlete a base score of the fundamental skills required to compete at a given sport. Repeated testing shows an athlete how his or her skills are improving on an individual basis. STEP Athletics shows aspiring athletes first hand how they compare to athletes at their own age and skill level. STEP Athletics also shows athletes how they compare to players at a higher level, so they are aware of what they need work on to reach their goals. STEP Athletics is an exciting and fun way to see how athletes stack up against their peers!

INDIVIDUALS – From an individual perspective, players can compare themselves to their teammates and their opposition. Players who take repeated testing, are able to chart their progress and again see how they are improving as compared to their peers. Players learn the importance of goal setting, and can work to achieve their goals.

TEAMS – Teams, players and coaches can determine from unbiased, hard data which players have stronger skill sets and which players’ skills need further development to improve their game and compete at a higher level. Coaches can compare their teams to their opposition. They can see which teams have the strongest skill set and determine if their team is lagging in one or more specific skill. This helps coaches focus their practice sessions to work on drills more specific to the needs of their team as a whole and to their players individually.

ASSOCIATIONS – The executive will have an accurate assessment of how their association compares with others. They can also chart the progress of their coaches regarding the individual skill development of their players. Coaches of players who consistently show the most improvement in skating will be able to work with coaches of players who show the most improvement in shooting. By this exchange of ideas, a more balanced and stronger skill development program can emerge helping all players improve in the association.

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